The Road to Color - Purple Belt Edition

On this episode, we talk about the second promoted rank in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu - purple belt.

We have our purple belt friend Jeff Clorley in to help us discuss this. 

What are the requirements for purple belt...
What does it mean to be a purple belt... 
What are the expectations of purple belt...
How is it different than other ranks...

And more!

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Forged in Scars & Stripes with Sergeant Bob Bemis

Our old friend, retired Sergeant Bob Bemis, calls in to talk with us about his 30+ year career in law enforcement and the accident that changes his life forever.

Brief summary:

On March 27, 2015, Sergeant Robert "Bob" Bemis, then a 22-year veteran of the Pennsylvania State Police, stopped along the side of an interstate highway to render assistance to a disabled motorist whose vehicle was on fire.  A passing vehicle approaching the scene lost control and struck the rear...

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Jiu-Jitsu, Life, Love & Happiness with Professor Rafa Santos

Ricardo De La Riva 3rd Degree Black Belt Rafa Santos stops in while in town for a seminar to chat about his Jiu-Jitsu beginnings, his school and training, and his major life transformation - mental and physical.

Rafa Santos proudly represents the De La Riva/ Carlson Gracie Team with his teachings and continues growth in the art of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

Check out his school:

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Tournament Review & Discussion

UndergroundBJJ (Scott's team) took a bunch of competitors to the Grappling Industries Buffalo tournament on October 12th.

We talk about the good things, the bad things, and the weird things. 

Overall it was a good tournament, just some things to change to make it even better.

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Academics, Wrestling, and BJJ Discussion with Dr. Korey Kilburn

We talk with special guest Dr. Korey Kilburn - it went a little longer than expected, but we were able to cover a lot of topics.

A renaissance man if there ever was...

We talk about his educational background, his Division I wrestling history, his Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu background, and much much more.

Check out the Edinboro University of Pennsylvania's BJJ Club's website:

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